Chine – Cambodge – Thaïlande

In 2009, David participated in the "Trauma Relief Tour" project from Circus Action International in collaboration with Clowns Without Borders (CWB). At Jerry Snell’s initiative, Canadian artistic director and founder of Circus Action International, the project aimed at getting a group of artists together to tour Thailand, Cambodia and China. These artists performed in refugee camps, conflict zones and territories in emergency situations, especially in hospitals and orphanages, to bring hope and a little laughter to children in difficult circumstances.

With a series of artistic activities - clowning, miming, juggling, theater, acrobatics, dance and music – the "Trauma Relief Tour" set out to expand and maintain a creative network through performances and workshops created by artists from CWB.

The mission began in Thailand, at the Baan Unrak Children's Home orphanage, with a scenic setting that Jerry Snell had already established with Burmese orphans. The show was presented in Bangkok, at the International Dance Festival, as well as in Battambang, Cambodia, where the CWB team also performed and gave workshops at the International Circus Festival "Tini Tinou" (festival created by the Phare Ponleu Selpak NGO, whose artists are orphans from refugee camps). The last stop occurred in the Sichuan region of China, where the CWB artists performed their final shows in ten orphanages and hospitals, for the orphans of the May 2008 earthquake.

Artists : Becky Priebe / Jerry Snell / David Fiset / Pipat Suwapat (Thailand) / David Bernbaum (USA)