• TEVA •
Lucie Bruneau - Youth Employment social organization (Project: Transition from School to Working Life)

Since 2012, throughout the school year, David has an intervener role in a social circus ergotherapeutic rehabilitation program designed for young adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. The activity of the group "The Zincroyables", led by David, Éliane Bonin, Élise Deguire and Frédéric Loisel, takes place at Caserne 18-30 (community recreation centre specialized in circus arts for 18-30 year-olds).

TEVA is a program from the Lucie Bruneau rehabilitation center that puts together a range of activities focused on supporting young people when they leave school, particularly with respect to their socio-professional integration, the transformation of their social network, their leisure time, their involvement in the community and the pursuit of their educational activities.

TEVA is aimed at young people aged 15 years and older, with physical and intellectual disabilities, pervasive developmental disorders and severe mental illness, who attend high school and need help planning their future.

Artists : Éliane Bonin / David Fiset / Élise Deguire